Thursday, October 11, 2007

Great Dinner Party

Thanks to all of you for making last night's Potluck Dinner a huge success! A special thanks to Corazon & Charlie Marcelino (Andrew's parents) for coming early and helping with the setup & grilling and to Kathy Randolph (Emily's mom) for staying late to help with the clean up. But to all of you who helped keep things going smoothly during the dinner - THANKS MUCH.

Such great food & great company! We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of young people, very impressive.

Someone lost a small white button, if it's yours let Janelle know and I'll send it to school by her.

OK kids - you blew a chance to learn the Cupid Shuffle, when you get to the Homecoming Dance you'll be sorry you didn't practice. (smile)

Our student, Pauline, is a lovely young lady. She is very polite and is open to trying different foods. We took her to Calypso restaurant in Hyde Park Tuesday, she enjoyed Cuban Black Bean soup and fried plaintains. She eats very little - even her lunch is light. We should take a cue from her. She seems very comfortable with us, it's been a great experience so far.

We will take her to church with us on Sunday, I think Ms. Gonzales plans to bring one or both of the French teachers to our church. If anyone else would like to join us feel free to meet us there, but let me know so I can arrange for us to sit together. Here's the church info:
Apostolic Church of God
6320 S. Dorchester
There are two services, 9:10am & 11:40am. We will go to the early service to allow time to get to the bowling party at 1:00. If you plan to join us please call me at 773.643.4150 as soon as you know.

Have a great day!!


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