Monday, March 10, 2008

kinda quiet...

It's a little too quiet here... looking forward to an email from Erstein.

They're Off to Paris

While at the airport on Saturday, I watched everyone else arrive with their families near the Air France terminal. I must say that the students looked very comfortable and at ease with the fact that they'd soon be overseas enjoying Paris and their host families. On the other hand, I kept stealing hugs whenever I could.

It's weird that we won't have direct contact with them for about two weeks. I normally talk to Ashley several times a day. How are the rest of you handling it?

I took several photos but didn't get as many as I thought. I'm also sharing Rosi's (Stephanie's mom) pictures that she took at the airport.

Here are our wonderful teachers, Ms. Imrem, Ms. Gonzales and Ms. Burstein. I know they're having an excellent time.

According to the itinary, they will be arriving in Strasbourg tomorrow to meet with their host families. Be sure to check the Erstein blog for updates.

Monday, October 22, 2007

a tearful goodbye...

I'm glad Ms. Gonzalez warned me to take a box of tissues along for the drive to O'Hare. The five girls in my van were very sad to say au revoir to Chicago, Payton and their new friends.

Thanks so much to the teachers for their thoughtful planning and to all the parents who did so much driving, feeding, coordinating, communicating, etc. Thanks to Nikki's folks for a really great party; our guest Elodie got the bowling trophy for the lowest score and it is a treasured souvenir.

In reply to Ms. Imrem's question, it's OK with me to use the blog for publicity or whatever; it's a great tool (thanks again to Lynette for setting it up). If anybody has pix to share I hope they'll post them. After Em catches up on her homework & college apps I'll ask her for some to post...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Friday plans

Hi everyone. We have had a great time with Emeline and are wishing that she could stay longer. But. I am wondering about the plan for tomorrow. Should Emeline go to school tomorrow with AnnaLeigh in the morning or would it be better to bring her in time to make the 1PM departure time? Does anyone know?

Melanie Jansen

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mid-Visit update

I just remembered the blog and read all of your wonderful entries. Thank you all for sharing. We would love to hear more about successes and challenges you are having, and this is a great forum for it. Also, I just wanted to verify that it was ok to use some of your blogs as "publicity" once in a while (for newsletters, etc.). We would only use positive statements and would contact you if there is anything controversial. Please let me know if you are not comfortable with this. Only 3 more days; I hope they are the best yet! We're off for the boat trip...hoping the weather clears so we can say above board. Infinite thanks to everyone for your incredibly hospitability, warmth and willingness to go above and beyond for this exchange.

Any photos you have please share!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What a Great Group!

The potluck was such fun! Thank you to our superb hosts the Normans. I think the entire group is very special and it was great to watch the happy interactions between our children and the Strasbourg students. I also want to thank everyone for their support of the flower bulb sale fundraiser. As of right now we have sold over $900 and we get 50% profit. I will let you know what the final total is after Holly comes home. We are really enjoying having Lucile as part of our family. I am amazed by her ability and confidence in speaking English. Plus she is so good-natured and sweet. This experience is enriching for everyone.
Edie Lange

Thank you for hosting

Just a short note to thank you for the lovely pot luck dinner. The two of you and your daughter are lovely hosts and made everyone feel quite welcome in your home. And what a wonderful home and back yard. Payton provides a great opportunity for the students and parents alike to see and experience numerous neighborhoods in Chicago with its diverse student base. I, for one, had never been in the South Shore neighborhood. It seems like a lovely place to live.
I am sorry I missed your dancing - I caught a bit of it in the kitchen. All I can say is go girl go!
Thank you again -

Judy Duratinsky