Monday, March 10, 2008

kinda quiet...

It's a little too quiet here... looking forward to an email from Erstein.

They're Off to Paris

While at the airport on Saturday, I watched everyone else arrive with their families near the Air France terminal. I must say that the students looked very comfortable and at ease with the fact that they'd soon be overseas enjoying Paris and their host families. On the other hand, I kept stealing hugs whenever I could.

It's weird that we won't have direct contact with them for about two weeks. I normally talk to Ashley several times a day. How are the rest of you handling it?

I took several photos but didn't get as many as I thought. I'm also sharing Rosi's (Stephanie's mom) pictures that she took at the airport.

Here are our wonderful teachers, Ms. Imrem, Ms. Gonzales and Ms. Burstein. I know they're having an excellent time.

According to the itinary, they will be arriving in Strasbourg tomorrow to meet with their host families. Be sure to check the Erstein blog for updates.